Vision & Aspiration


  • The Approach to this and all Articles is consistent with our Standard System and Procedure.
  • Formating should always be consistent and of similar style everwhere:
    • Bold(#430d76).
    • Italic
    • Font colour(#430d76).
    • Links.
    • Point size.
  • This article is an example of the master layout.
  • It also gives an overview of how to write an article together with the other aspects to ensure completness to maintain the higest standards of quality and consistency.
  • Ensure consistency of language and terminology across all articles.

The Approach

  • Headings for all articles must be agreed before the article is commenced.
  • Articles are for any purpose to anyone and everyone.
  • Website or Intranet.
  • The substence and the sentiment must be understood first .
  • Articles should be bullet pointed, brief and where possible single line sentences.

Writing the Article

  • Once agreed and understood, technical research should be done.
  • Then the article can be composed.
  • The master template should be used for all articles.
  • Article should be checked for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • All bullet points should have a full stop.
  • Useful links to third party websites should always be embedded into the article.
  • The article should be saved as “Draft” and not published.
  • Where links are inserted, they should be renamed as text or a phrase.

SEO and Other Back End Procedures

  • Ensure that the following are consistent with the article title:
    • SEO Titles.
    • Slug.
    • Meta description.
    • Focus keywords.
  • Ensure that an appropriate featured image is set.
  • Ensure that the correct tags and categories have been applied.
  • Ensure footers are all consistent and the same everywhere.

Publishing and Sending Links

  • Once approved by the line manager or the responsible individual, it may be published.
  • The link from the library should always be used to send to the recipient.

Useful Links