General Rules of Engagement

The Complete Document


Guest Clients

Know Your Client (KYC) 

  • Statutory Verification Formalities required by law. 
  • Includes Anti Money Laundering (AML) clearance checks for all clients prior to engagement. 
  • You will need to provide the necessary information outlined on the form to enable the team to complete these checks. 
  • Click here for further details and to complete the form. 

Database Information 

  • Collecting the basic contact and database details for: 
    • Your Personal Information 
    • Your, Organisation’s Information 
    • Or, Both. 
  • The process can be split into the following categories 
    • Share Point Contact Setup
    • Full Personal DB Details 
    • Company DB Details 
    • TaxCalc & Accounts Packages Setup 

Information from Previous Advisors 

  • We write to your previous advisors requesting certain essential accounting and tax information. 
  • This is the hand over process and helps us determine the current position in terms of the company and personal affairs. 
  • We will also be writing to them requesting professional clearance.  
  • This is a requirement by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW), prior to any client sign-up. 
  • We will conduct our Client Risk Assessment based on professional clearance and the results from the KYC. 

Standard Systems & Software 

  • Avar are and have always been at the cutting edge of software. 
  • The entire organisation is highly software driven. 
  • We use a variety of different software and applications that enable us to service you at the lowest possible cost.  
  • The following applications will require installation, as part of our service agreement: 
    • Telegram for instant messaging (setup on your mobile and PC, Laptop or Tablet). 
    • TeamViewer for online meetings and technical support for Avar services only. 
  • All software that is required to be installed on your mobile and PC, Laptop or Tablet must be carried out by you. 
  • Avar can give instruction and guidance on setup.  
  • Avar do not accept any liability for software or hardware malfunctions that may occur. 
  • We also develop bespoke software for clients and this is led by our highly skilled IT Team. 

Authentication Process 

  • We will request Online Authorisation Codes from HMRC and request an Authentication Code from Companies House. 
  • We will ask you to sign Form 64-8 (authorising your agent), which upon signing will be forwarded to HMRC. 
  • Click this link for further details.

Engagement Completion 

  • Once the setup process is complete a meeting will be arranged to discuss the substantive work that is required to be done. 
  • The cost of the setup is free of charge.  
  • If for any reason engagement does not go ahead, there will be a fee for all the work carried out by Avar to that date. 
  • It is at this point we will ask you to agree and sign our General Rules of Engagement. 

Billing and Fees 

  • All fees are agreed and must be settled prior to the work commencing. 
  • This can be by monthly standing order or a one-off payment by Credit Card online.
  • Refer to our Fee collection policy

Communication SSAP 

  • We have implemented new Standard Systems & Procedures (SSAP) for communication. 
  • Making it easier and faster to get in touch with us and for the team to stay in constant contact with our clients. 
  • To achieve this new level of efficiency we use Telegram for all clients and preferred partners. 
  • Enables us to focus on the substantive work with the ability to deal with pressing matters promptly. 


  • We use our website to upload numerous articles across a range of accounting, tax, financial and business related topics. 
  • There are various sections that can aid and assist businesses and individuals by using our knowledge bank. 


  • Our forms are designed to enable faster data collection and to Authorise and Approve submissions to HMRC and other bodies.


  • Setup by our IT team to use Telegram on your mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet. 
  • It is a requirement of our Terms of Business that all clients be setup on Telegram. 
  • All files transferred are sent to you via Telegram, this ensures: 
    • All files are in your possession. 
    • You can move onto new advisors at any point without requesting documents from Avar. 
    • Further requests for documents already available in Telegram will be charged at £100 + VAT per request. 
  • For more information on Telegram, click on this link

Avar Broadcast

  • We will use a Telegram Channel entitled “Reflections” to “broadcast” key news and events to all clients. 
  •  This keeps all Clients updated on any changes in accounting, tax, finance and any other important news. 


  • Avar will send all responses and transfer of files via Telegram. 
  • Email use is limited and only used if circumstances require it. 

Telephone Calls & Voice Mails

  • This is a primary method of communication and will be used when Telegram is not appropriate.  
  • All telephone calls are recorded.  
  • Links to Telephone Conversation Recordings (TCR) will be sent to you at the discretion of Avar or upon request by you. 
  • There will be a charge of £100 + VAT for each TCR requested subsequently or outside your standing instructions. 


  • This is slowly being phased out with the introduction of instant messaging via Telegram.  
  • We may still use SMS communication in certain events or during the client initial setup stage. 

Working Practices

  • This section outlines Avar’s working practices and the rationale behind our Standard System & Procedures (SSAP). 

Client Categories

  • Our Clients are generally separated into two distinct categories: 
    • Organisations
    • Individuals
  • These categories form the basis of the type of work we undertake.  
  • This further determines the dates by which we require information for execution of specified assignments. 

Provision of Information

  • You must setup a Dropbox account and share the folder with Avar. 
  • A template called “Boomerang” is given to all clients to enter information 
  • The first step is that you must provide bank statements in csv format to Avar 
  • We will then part complete the Boomerang using the bank csv. 
  • A screen share meeting via TeamViewer is setup where we will complete the transactions on the boomerang, online. 
  • Other information we may require to be entered onto Boomerang is detailed below: 
    • Sales Invoices 
    • Purchase Invoices 
    • Cash Expenses 
    • Business Mileage 
    • Use of Home 
  • We encourage clients to use the above services as this: 
    • Minimises costs 
    • Does not require hard copy documents to be sent to us (invoices, vouchers and bank statements etc.) 
  • As we deal with Companies House and HMRC deadlines, information must be provided in a timely manner. 
  • The assignment will not commence until all information is received complete in its entirety. 

Nature of Work

  • The services we offer can also be split into two categories: 
    • Advisory 
    • Execution
  • Advisory work is charged at a higher fee, as this involves detailed accounting, tax analysis, financial planning and advice.
  • Execution does not include planning and advice and we will only file end of year accounts and tax returns. 
  • If you choose to opt for “Execution Only” services, it is your responsibility to take precautionary measures to protect your tax and/or accounting position going forward. 

Disengagement: Moving on From Avar