• It has encryption security and therefore is extremely secured.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • This is our Primary Method of Communication
  • Available on all platforms and Devices, including Mobile.
  • Free and open platform product.
  • This achieves a new level of efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings.
  • These cost benefits have been in the main distributed to all the Clients.
  • All Telegram communication can be downloaded and used as backup.

Telegram Standard Systems & Procedures (SSAP)

  • There will be “Group” (Businesses) and “Individual” with different rights pinned to the account.
  • Will be used by everybody doing business with Avar.
  • It is a fundamental Terms of Business that all clients be setup on Telegram.
  • All our pricing structure is based upon this foundation.
  • All files transferred will contain standard annotation for routine matters.
  • Annotation will be, “Per Agreed Protocol & SSAP”.
  • You must initiate action when and if required.
  • One will begin to see the extensive capabilities of this product and the possibilities.
  • All message will be sent out at 15:00 every day, unless urgent.

Install Telegram

  • Select the appropriate video and follow the steps.
  • Installation is available:
  • Mobile devices.
  • Personal computers.
  • Web Browser

Telegram for Web

  • You can use Telegram in a Web Browser
  • However, There are some features that can not be used in the browser.
  • These Include:
    • Not being able to Schedule Messages and Reminders
    • Not being able to set Custom Themes
  • You can still upload All File Types including Audio and Video as well as Documents etc.

Custom Cloud Themes

  • Download: Avar theme using the link.
  • It supports all platform (Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android)
  • Apply new theme by simple one click.
  • Not available on Web Telegram

Scheduled Messages and Reminders

  • ‘Schedule Message’ to automatically send things at a specified time in the future
  • Scheduling also works in your ‘Saved Messages’ chat, turning your planned posts into reminders
  • Not Available on Web Telegram

Animated Emoji

  • You’ll likely find a use for the new additions to our animated emoji family.

New Privacy Settings

  • ‘Who Can Find Me By My Number’
  • Random users who add your number as a contact are unable to match your profile to that number.

Telegram – Learn More About The Benefits