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Updated: 02/02/2018


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The “Sitemap” is much more than Articles or a Sitemap as it gives links to all pages on the website and also incorporates links that maybe required by users from time to time.

There are three types of Sitemap:

  • Public – this is open for all users in the public domain

  • Private – this is for Clients only and for 7 days to Guest Clients

  • Internal – this is only available for the Avar Team

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Updated: 02/02/2018

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Updated: 02/02/2018


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Free of Charge Services
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  • 1. What if the Client has been with Avar for less than 15 years but is a senior citizen?

    So long as they meet the criteria, which is based upon individual circumstances.
    They are subject to review and a dialogue with Ashok Varma FCA.

  • 2. Why is this Free of Charge "Accountancy Related" Execution Service being offered: It is too good to be true?

    Our change in focus from Accountancy related services to Consultancy was first announced In April 2017.
    The business name changed to Avar Consultancy Ltd.
    We stopped increasing the number of "accountancy related" related Clients.
    It is only being carried out for clients who have commanded the love and respect of Avar.
    There are many other professional and personal reasons.

  • 3. Am I eligible for Free of Charge Services?

    lients that have been affiliated with Avar for longevity.
    Clients who are facing financial adversity.
    Clients who have special circumstances.
    At the discretion of Avar.

  • 4. How do you define "Longevity"?

    Longevity is defined as having an affiliation with Avar for 15 years or more and have reached retirement age.

  • 5. What is "At Avar's Discretion"?

    Please have a dialogue with Ashok Varma FCA to discuss your circumstances.

  • 6. How do you define “Special Circumstances”?

    Please have a dialogue with Ashok Varma FCA to discuss your circumstances.

  • 7. How do you define “Financial Adversity”?

    Please have a dialogue with Ashok Varma FCA to discuss your circumstances.

  • 8. What changes in the Terms are Avar referring to?

    The core area of concern is the delay and incomplete delivery of information to Avar, which has serious consequences in meeting deadlines:
    Clients’ not responding on a timely basis.
    Misuse of our service by requesting time and again information already provided.
    This results in Avar having limited time to carry out the assignment.
    There are many such examples, but we intend to serve only one notice and thereafter withdraw this prerogative.

  • 9. What if Clients’ require Specialist Tax and Consultancy and will it be billed separately?

    This service is available to all Clients’ whenever required. The cost of the consultancy service will be decided and agreed from the onset before any work is carried out.

  • 10. How can Clients’ access MS OneDrive, Amazon WorkDocs and Avar Portal?

    Unique passwords will be given to each Client, followed by a training session by our IT Team.

  • 11. What if Clients’ have already given a Google reference?

    We do not expect our Clients’ to give another reference, unless they wish to update it.

  • 12. What is the Communication Protocol Policy?

    More information can be found by clinking this link (insert LINK). Avar will no longer accept information by post or hand, whatsoever. All agreed information is to be provided digital and online.

  • 13. What is PPP?

    Privacy and Protocol Policies (PPP) replaces the names and terminology used by Avar since 1984 for standardising and increasing the quality of output, including the “Opt In” under the new GDPR.

  • 14. What if the Client is unable to meet the deadline or disagree with any PPP?

    Then unfortunately, the Client would have to revert to the normal charge out rate of the practice, unless they make other arrangements with Avar first and with our agreement.

  • 15. How does the Tab Account Work?

    The Tab account is a ledger where all billable work is logged, but where payment is not due.

    It will fall due for settlement at such time when the relationship with Avar comes to an end.

  • 16. What does entries on SATR must not exceed 25 mean?

    It means 25 sources of income received. A pension is obviously a major one followed by 24 other sources of income.

  • 17. What if a Client’s circumstances change mid-year?

    Will apply retrospectively from 1st of that year but Ashok Varma FCA should be advised immediately, so Avar may assist the Client further.