Management Consultancy

Our dedicated team of consultants offer strategic advice, consultancy & planning, specific to your business.

Consultancy & planning is vital for all businesses to stay ahead of the competition and to secure a profitable future. We examine and assess all key areas of your business and look at the various issues that may arise. We then tailor make a solution package to ensure that your business can achieve its goals and objectives.

Business Start-up Advice

We understand that starting a new business brings many new challenges and that many will not know how best to tackle them.

We will work closely with you to work through the issues easily and cost effectively in a way that you understand such that you will think of us as a partner rather than your accountant.

In addition, we offer a Business Development Grant to the majority of new businesses to help with the cost of our fees in the first few years of trading. By doing so we are investing in both your and our future to hopefully help your business grow.

Business Plans & Forecasting

Whether you need a business plan to raise funding from the bank or just simply to assess your own business performance, we are able to help.

We have experience in this sector having helped many large and small clients with their business plans. Our system has been designed such that it requires minimal input from you. We take care of everything once we have all the information to hand.

In addition to the business plan, we are able to carry out a full financial forecasting exercise which will allow you to focus on areas of concern and take corrective measures to ensure the business grows and thrives in the future.

Business Strategy

We will devise and help you implement a business strategy that will allow you and your business to grow and maximise income, whilst minimizing your tax liabilities.

Business Disposal

Whether you need to sell the whole business or simply just a part of it we can assist you with all the planning and implementation.

Our expert advisors will ensure a smooth transition and ease the burden of the disposal process

Acquisitions & Mergers

Looking to acquire a business or merge with another? Call Avar now.

Our experts will assess your requirements and devise a plan to implement and action.

Corporate Reorganisation

We can assist in corporate reorganisations and restructuring. For more details call Avar now and speak to a partner.