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13 September 2019

Using This Website

Introduction  The Avar website has recently been redesigned. In addition to a new look, the site layout has been updated to improve overall navigation, to reorganize some frequently accessed areas, to allow for usability on mobile […]
13 September 2019

Microsoft – Partner Security Requirements 2019

Introduction  To help safeguard partners and customers, Microsoft is introducing a set of mandatory security requirements for partners. By August 1, 2019 these partners are required to take following actions: Enable multi-factor authentication for all users […]
06 September 2019

Avar Mnemonics

Introduction  Avar, for numerous reasons, has always used Mnemonics and this article summaries many of the most common Mnemonics;  Summary FACH – Final Accounts for Companies House (these are the accounts normally filed to Companies House annually)   FAIR – Final Accounts for Inland Revenue (these are […]
06 September 2019

More 4 Less @ Avar

Introduction This article sets out examples of areas that you may want to consider in getting the maximum and most profitable results at the least cost of the services Avar provides.  Certainly, we, at Avar, factor this into our quotation of Fees Chargeable.  We assume and encourage everyone to be mindful and frugal and ensure that Avar’s time is put to […]
05 September 2019

Email Policy

Use of email by employees of Avar Ltd is permitted and encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the business. However, Avar has a policy for the use of email whereby the employee […]
30 July 2019


1  Introduction ·  This article explains the concept of “Bed and Breakfast Rules” for Capital Gains Tax purposes. 2   What is the Practice of Bed and Breakfast? ·  Until 17 March 1998, individuals could sell shares and buy them […]
11 February 2019

The Criminal Finances Act 2017

Introduction and Overview  Effective from 30 September 2017 after gaining Royal ascent in April earlier that year Radical overhaul of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) anti-money laundering and confiscation regime How does this Affect […]
11 February 2019


Avar Glossary Our website Glossary is an alphabetical list of words relating to common accounting, finance and business terms, with explanations; a brief dictionary. It also contains common acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used at Avar.
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