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02 September 2020

Standard Engagement Terms SET

Introduction Principal Name (Principal): This should be the name of the Director, Shareholder or Member at their personal address. Jointly and Severally Organisation Name (Business Entity “Entity”): This should be the name of the organisation, company […]
21 May 2020

Basis of Engagement: The Client Induction Process

Introduction The following document will outline the Basis of Engagement and the general Induction Process for both Guest Clients and Full Clients.  The “induction process” can take up to 30 minutes.  It will give you an insight into how […]
13 May 2020

General Rules of Engagement

The Complete Document Introduction The Approach to this and all Articles is consistent with our Standard System and Procedure. The Avar Team need to carry out certain required formalities to complete the client setup process.  These form part […]