27 September 2019

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13 September 2019

Using This Website

Introduction  The Approach to this and all Articles is consistent with our Standard System and Procedure. The Avar website has recently been redesigned. In addition to a new look, the site layout has been updated to […]
11 February 2019

Internet Telephony – Sipgate Basic

 Introduction and Overview  This article will introduce you to the concept of Internet Telephony and the benefits of using Sipgate Basic. It uses VoIP (Voice Over IP), which is basically telephone over the internet. VoIP is […]
11 February 2019

Backup Process

This is an overview of the backup process set in place at Avar by our specialized IT team. This ensures a safety net in case anything happens. Our data is safe and secure. [ ]
11 February 2019

Avar Client Knowledge Sharing

Introduction and Overview This article explains how Avar are keen to share knowledge, technologies and tools with their clients and guest clients. The aim is to improve our systems and processes for increased efficiency, output and profits. By sharing we […]
11 February 2019


Avar Glossary Our website Glossary is an alphabetical list of words relating to common accounting, finance and business terms, with explanations; a brief dictionary. It also contains common acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used at Avar. […]
11 February 2019


1st September 2018 – Effective today, in line with announcements from 1st April 2016 Communication protocol Implementation: On all matters regarded by you as VIP – telephone immediately to Avar, at any time (response time immediate) […]